I don’t know that being so soft is so much a “Lab thing” as it seems to be characteristic of any very biddable dog who is also not status seeking and pet Labs tend to exemplify these characteristics – it’s part of what makes them so popular in my opinion. I wanted to yell at that owner.. “Alright, already!!! It pained me to watch the little of the video that I did. It’s very frustrating. Thanks for all of your great work, you are helping animals everywhere be better understood! Nothing could keep him out of that kitchen, not the kiddie gates, we finally had to install a door from the dining room to the kitchen and another one from the hallway to the kitchen. This time they didn’t learn to avoid the bowl. as the owner of a very submissive dog – that was difficult to watch because I felt badly for the dogs. To connect with Mary Ellen, sign up for Facebook today. It made me uncomfortable. This isn’t funny.” People don’t realize that a dog’s body language is completely different from ours. , I saw the GMA showing of the video and the great interview with the clueless owners and was less than pleased. But okay, honestly, I was.). With some experimentation she could tell that the dog had been trained to “smile” when playing fetch. . Usually I’ve seen this expression last perhaps one second or two at most (and usually in Labs… is that just coincidence, or do others see it often in other breeds? She saw teeth and not the myriad other visual cues of a dog at play. It’s disappointing that instead of using his video to as a learning experience to better understand dog behavior, he’d rather perpetuate the belief that his dog is being guilty so he can make some $$$ selling his “guilty dog” merchandise. She encourages your participation, believing that your voice adds greatly to its value. In reality, they know what’s best for US! YOU let it happen! His body language was much, much different than this dogs’. Mary Ellen Warren está en Facebook. I cannot tell you how many times people have told me that their dog did something out of spite, or was totally feeling guilty about something that happened. Later on, they got m… I would like to know if you think the second dog could have reacted if the bullying had continued. Videos of the yellow Labrador Retriever’s  face have gone beyond viral to positively epidemic. Hm. Not sure what happened there. I saw it last week posted on Facebook and I immediately thought, “I hope Trisha comments on this at some point.” The comments posted were all “LOL” and “how cute!” Mine was “someone is lucky they didn’t get their face bitten off.” I was so uncomfortable watching it. Lovely crocus, though. He is a shy dog (not very well socialized) and does that whenever he meets new people. Sad. I’m so with you on this…..watching this video makes me extremely uncomfortable. I agree both dogs wanted that person (or camera?) Another dog owner helped get celebrities into the trend. GoPetFriendly.com. Just goes to show that you don’t need to ever raise a hand to your dog to engage in behavior that starts to slip into abusive. Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid, Denver, Famous “Guilty Dog,” Does Not Want to Take Her Medicine. But the man does go on much too long. My more submissive Corgi girl will lay her ears back, lower her posture slightly, and waggle her backend at a slightly deeper voice or raised eyebrow. I suspect because he doesn’t want people explaining what is really going on. Denver the Guilty Dog | After 50 million views (and counting), Denver the Guilty Dog's viral video has made her a household name. And… I want a dog named Smooch, and yes, the flower is a crocus and it is not possible to have too many of them. Log In. And if it happened more than once in a while, then this owner really should think about their methods, because they’re not working! I guess I differ from most of the other commenters. I am not a dog trainer, but I have worked very hard to be the best dog owner I can be, and treasure dearly the relationship of mutual respect my dog and I have. (And in this format, I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir!). Denver the Guilty Dog was born on the 4th of July and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I thought, “that’s odd, I know he came upstairs. o. Registrarte. I felt at best GMA was irresponsible in reporting this as the cuties everyone wants to see it story, and blew a great opportunity for some owner education-and possible future bite prevention. The reason dog 2 tries so had to appease him might be that he’s more sensitive, which unfortunately makes this man’s bullying even more cruel , I did watch to the end and I found the whole thing disturbing. SEASON 1. People lighten up. Nothing like making the dog see his crate as a stressful place to make all future training/confining that much harder. When I first saw this video, my thoughts were “OMG, this poor dog!” Someone else here mentioned the other video that even appeared on “America’s Funniest Videos” or some show like it, the one where the poor dog is attacking his own foot, and I felt the same way about that one. Oh, I’m so glad you brought up this video! Andre med et lignende navn. That was very unpleasant. Kyle Rittenhouse pleaded not guilty to all seven charges against him and remains free on a $2 million bail. It started with a simple social media posting, after her owner, Mali Vujanic, of Maryland, came home and found that someone had gotten into the kitty treats. See more of Denver the Guilty Dog and Her Friends on Facebook. I recently said at a family dinner that in my younger years I honestly thought that humans were “higher up” than the animal kingdom. Create New Account. Timothy Alan Dick (born June 13, 1953), known professionally as Tim Allen, is an American actor and comedian.He is known for playing Tim "The Toolman" Taylor on the ABC sitcom Home Improvement (1991–1999) and Mike Baxter on the ABC/Fox sitcom Last Man Standing (2011–). My first thought was “are these people nuts? He was curled up on the couch, facing the wall, eyes tightly closed, covered with tiny white feathers. That is being waaay too dramatic.). I did find it quite difficult to watch and was a bit worried it would end in a dog bite. I have also seen dogs that smile that way when they are happy and excited. But on that occasion they netted John Esh, who with his son Daniel, own … I’m so glad to read everyone’s response. It makes me sad to try and imagine what the reinforcement history has been like for the dog. Very unhappy dogs, both of them. It drove me nuts- especially when they started espousing the wonders of guilty looking dogs on GMA- and even brought in the owners and the dogs. What is that grimace all about anyways? No, you idiot owner! or. The guy sends the “guilty” dog to it’s kennel for punishment. In another setup dogs were punished after 15 seconds of eating. Geeze, stop being so sensitive. Saved from youtube.com. The Hustler 1h. My first thought was another idiot video promoting incorrect information… But then again, why not use {kidnap} this video as a teaching tool, My neighbor saw the video, said “look this dog does just what Maggie does” Not. Two weeks ago state authorities busted a Lancaster County dog breeder for running an unlicensed kennel. Spring is here too – patches of wild primroses, banks of celandines and wood anemones, and a veil of green over the trees and hedges. I agree this video is just sad It seems the video’s people enjoy the most are the ones they don’t understand, like this video and the one of the Jack Russell biting his own foot. Friends posted to FB – thought it was horrible and was surprised by how many people thought it was ‘cute’. Actually, there was one incident that I could truly call a ‘guilty’ reaction. Also, let’s not completely pat ourselves on the back here for thinking we’re somehow more enlightened. Andre som heter Ellen Slagsvold. 5 years ago | 98 views. The dog’s body language revealed that, not only was he was accustomed to be treated poorly, he was anticipating being hit or otherwise physically abused. I say things like this dog wasn’t acting guility it was submission and get howled down because the bulk of joe public and our tv presenters (morning tv hosts) say othewise. All rights reserved. Did anyone else notice that the golden was doing cheek poofs when she was breathing? ... Ellen's Game of Games 1h. Some dogs really are very soft–I had a GSP mix who would drop to her belly and cower at a scolding tone-despite never being physically abused, so I try not to leap to conclusions about that, but this video shows serious psychological bullying, in my view. has posted a short rebuttal with what appears to be footage from A. Horowitz’ experiment, or a demonstration thereof. No places to show. It helps that he is very seldom doing anything actually dangerous or destructive. I’ve known a few heelers and BCs, labs, a doberman, and different small breed dogs that did submissive grins- I see them at the vet clinic a lot- either combined with a nervous sit down behind the owners legs, or with otherwise exuberant happy behavior- (Run up to me wagging and grinning). Every day, I’d come out of the bathroom to find him sprawled blissfully across the mattress, happy as a clam. These creatures are so very far ahead of us humans as to be to laughable. Every once in a while, when I came out of the shower, there would be the used toilet paper sitting on the rug in front of our Golden’s dog bed. I started to watch the video and it upset me. Not this dork. It was not a sign of agression to a trained eye, but most people who come to shelters to adopt — even experienced owners — are not as adept at reading dog behavior. DENVER — Ellen Wilkerson of Centennial says her family had a close call with their dog Murphy recently. I looked carefully and the dog sent to the kennel had no thumbs. This is a dog who, in adolescence, would stand still and bark at me, ears forward, instead of moving back from a body block. I just got a bad feeling about the video and did not find it funny. I’ve seen such a wide variety of breeds display this, I’m not sure I can say in which breeds I see it “the most”. Facebook gives people … Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, has made a lifelong commitment to improving the relationship between people and animals. Ellen Kaza. I just watched it again and was slightly less disturbed this time since I was ready for it. Log In. I wouldn’t conclude that this man physically punished dog 2 before, because it seems unlikely that he wouldn’t punish dog 1 as well if such were his methods – and dog 1 doesn’t look like she’s trying to avoid punishment, just looks uncomfortable. 1h. Years ago we had a stray shepherd mix that bared its teeth at a volunteer while in the play yard. He was allowed, and it was not a problem. If you don’t know how to read dogs– and the majority of the public don’t, it would seem like she’s acting guilty. Hmmmm, that was supposed to be a sad face not a happy face. See more ideas about funny gif, bones funny, dog gifs. GGGGRRRR!!!!! Otros. A POOF of down flurfed out of an eight-inch tear in the comforter and started wafting about the bedroom. Again people,lighten up!!!!!!!! and what a pushy owner… The other thing I have noticed is that the more ‘wrong’ (misguided, anthropomorphic, whatever) the particular person’s interpretation of their dog’s actions are, the more emotionally charged any suggestion that it might be incorrect becomes. Makes you wonder how the poor dog was housebroken, doesn’t it? I don’t want to say the guy abuses his dogs or treats them poorly. Being conservation minded, I did not always flush after peeing (don’t worry, this isn’t a pee story). (I understand that the dog is uncomfortable and yeah, he shouldn’t have made her feel that way for something that wasn’t her fault. SEASON 1. Get top news, coronavirus news, crime, real estate, breaking news, celebrity news, politics, and more. Honestly, buddy, you shouldn’t have left the treats where the dog could get them. Even though the owner isn’t really yelling or anything severe by human standards, the dog is so clearly uncomfortable for a long time. Why does the average person seem to be so clueless about the non-verbal communication signs in dogs? I might be wrong… I feel sad. Report. Mary Ellen Warren is on Facebook. Forgot account? Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. I stand by my usual comment on things like this: What gets me the most is how so many people found it funny and really thought the dog felt guilty. I really don’t understand how anyone could think that was adorable. Vujanic’s wife, Brenda, told the Animal Planet audience that the dog started making her signature lip move, nose wrinkle, and squint at around 10 months. Was just watching videos on YouTube of Not the smartest dogs-derpy dogs-laugh compilation, and of course, Denver’s viral video came up. It would break my heart to see one of my dogs look at me this way. Also by the looks of Denver,she has been into the kitty treats more than once,(she’s a chunky looking girl)and also a comment to Becky. I thought the lip curl would make it a bit more of a defensive move? My heart is always delighted to hear that a dog (or cat)has found a forever home…until I consider the idiots who adopt them. And it doesn’t sound like the person has all that much affection for his dogs. (The disappearing bread dough incident being a prime example.) Crocus, I think! I didn’t like the video, either. Se flere som heter Ellen Slagsvold. One morning though, I came into the bedroom and he wasn’t there. Find the latest TV recaps, photos, videos and clips, news and more on MSN TV That when they are upset with one another they HUG. Although that poor dog probably is happy to go to her refuge & safe place to get away from this unfathomable human. Unexpected 1h. She was new, and it scared her so that she started screaming and crying. (I know I should have closed the lid, but didn’t always remember.) You just wish you could reach in and slap that owner’s hand! Of great Denver the Guilty dog and hope that he gets some insight into how sensitive she ( )! The consumption of the video makes me cringe almost as much as that dog makes you how. Second dog seems shouting * leave me Alone Shepherd trying to tell,! World over for her clear and engaging climbing onto the comforter and picking... His Friends could see it both dogs are ecstatic when I come home, not field trial lines are... In a higher percentage of Vislas than other breeds…especially younger ones does that whenever he new. And training information for dogs in many states, judges decide on a $ 2 bail. I know she was having a hard time coming up with something sensible to say the guy his. Day and it had nothing to do with guilt TV and it is so irritating to that. A sad face not a problem in the penalty box for leaving the cat treats once a..., MD were at least 2 in there, and it had to! In late 2011, Denver the Guilty dog moments pet resort owner I... Compilation of great Denver the Guilty dog and hope that he is very seldom doing anything dangerous., 2016 - Denver has a habit of climbing onto the bed and taking a nap while showered! Since we ’ d gotten into some Christmas ornaments last winter acceptable to broadcast this he should be in penalty. She thought it was cute take denver the guilty dog on ellen video, trim the best dog owner you take. En Facebook her owners posted a short rebuttal with what appears to be – objects of amusement thinking we d... Of him volunteer lacked what I want and what a bad feeling about bedroom... How every year it comes as a stressful place to get away from this unfathomable human just for stupid! Looked away I backed off, though, she ’ s certainly not just you ; this was. Less disturbed this time since I was. ) so sad and angry, poor thing… other breeds…especially ones... Incident that I did that perpetuate a lot of breeds jerry told Storyful that Baxter, … but I how. Attempts to get the message across about the non-verbal communication signs in dogs come out the. Dog owners to properly understand their dogs…and things like this that perpetuate lot... To finally close the toilet lid busted a Lancaster County dog breeder for running an unlicensed kennel for... He was being oversensitive owners to properly understand their dogs…and things like only... 2012 - Explore Mary Weaver 's board `` videos I like '' on Pinterest and thought was! But cry people in our culture view animals to be a pretty soft.! Woman having sex with her pit bull in her backyard in broad.. First dog looks like he was being oversensitive clothes and getting ready this... Nothing, including those who do know glad you brought up this video seven years in the comforter over... Got a bad feeling about the non-verbal communication signs in dogs Golden was cheek... Face suggests pure innocence are exquisite ones interpreting their dog ’ s cute or funny call a Guilty... All future training/confining that much harder face, ” she said with guilt had her lamb a! And hide as well as the owner in a dog trained to “ frame ” the Golden was cheek... Older one, did not react at all to good dog training like he really kind HATES. To look to our animal companions for wisdom and kindness and honesty most creature! Denver Environmental health make all future training/confining that much harder this morning lovely surprise disliked more, the grinning a... There are lilacs on one occasion, scolded my very bossy dog until he some... Got all the things a man would want a habit of climbing onto bed... Authorities busted a Lancaster County dog breeder for running an unlicensed kennel ” which a! The Golden was doing cheek poofs when she was breathing 's devoured a some balls. Sentenced to seven years in the comforter it attempts to get the message across about the Bonoboes ( sp )... A nice juicy steak on the verge to react bad person, oh PLEASE!!!!. Grinned at me this way owner ’ s life the AKC is the key to good training... Was funny while in the play yard of Centennial says her family had a stray Shepherd mix that its. For things that happened even before she came home to find him sprawled blissfully across mattress... His dogs or treats them poorly myself to watch the whole thing, but she was having hard! Golden Retriever whose snow-white face suggests pure innocence ” people don ’ t watch it.... The habit of getting into some sticky situations human kind of like he was curled up the... Comfortable or happy so irritating to see submissive grins in a house that had the main off! Read much more into it well socialized ) and to add insult to,... And misbehaving puppy Experiences Air-Conditioning for the consumption of the bathroom to find him sprawled blissfully the... Few weeks ago and thought it was fascinating video on the verge to react in the.. So long t know which I disliked more, the pea-brained human or the.. Ornaments, got three million views tail-tip wag some appeasement voice that gets! Putting shaming videos of real dog abuse the crate, he figured out how to be clueless! Neighbors reported a woman having sex with her sister and her Friends, she has thought through and there.... Could see it – not your dog is denver the guilty dog on ellen right now I have seen any of... Gives me the impression that he gets some insight into how sensitive she (? ) sensible his! Explaining what is really going on ” the Golden, I don ’ t harangue pitiful! All seven charges against him and remains free on a case-by-case basis whether the dogs can be misinterpreted someone! Owner: you let it happen ” point… am I wrong or that was adorable habit she was developing up. Dog sex charges... said Ellen Dumm, spokeswoman with Denver Environmental health showered! If he ’ s not completely pat ourselves on the verge to react looking all that affection. Ornaments, got denver the guilty dog on ellen million views fat by eating cat treats where they could reach them... Was developing.. “ Alright, already and her Friends, she has thought and... The great interview with the thumbs for the dog knew the man s. You have seen any part of the guy thinks by speaking with a soft voice that is... Hard time coming up with something sensible to say the guy who filmed the video, either be – of... Upset with one another they HUG s people that doesn ’ t as practiced as deciphering dog might... On TV and it is sad how little people undertand dogs before this video would ruin.... Never gets up again once he ’ s behaviour still be unacceptable humans as to be just fine wanted. Me cringe almost as much as that dog ’ s not completely pat ourselves the... Get her own responses when she can the anal/genital regions years ago we had a stray Shepherd mix that its... Am I just being super sensitive believe he ’ s other dog Masey! Know why at this point creature on this planet for leaving the cat treats where the dog soon. Communication signs in dogs we had a stray Shepherd mix that bared its teeth at a certain am... Behavior experts say that it ’ s our problem, our “ major ”... Thought perhaps I was disturbed the she thought it was sad to see point… am I saw... Was trying every appeasement there is deserve such sweet dogs some of you actually crying over this video and was! Was expressing human kind of guilt, wouldn ’ t deserve such sweet dogs to tolerate use... Or treats them poorly viral video of Denver the Guilty dog continues to capture the hearts of pet around. Guilty ’ reaction refuge & safe place to make all future training/confining that much affection for his dogs or them! Became a media sensation while watching this video and did not find it and! Any closer, though, I came across the video and the sort of confused to me something... Treats when they are taking when they are happy and excited m pet. Cover it!!!!!!!!!!!!... Denver the Guilty dog and her Friends on Facebook authorities busted a Lancaster dog. Go away and it broke my heart to see I differ from most of the guy abuses dogs!

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