Beyoncé Knowles-Carter & Jenn Nkiru, video directors; Astrid Edwards, Aya Kaido, Jean Mougin, Nathan Scherrer & Erinn Williams, video producers, LIFE IS GOOD You know, one thing for me—I am a self-taught musician. • Cipullo: The Parting (Alastair Willis, Laura Strickling, Catherine Cook, Michael Mayes & Music Of Remembrance) George, I was gonna start by asking what is different about this impending release as compared to the last two. Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical​, • August (Taylor Swift) (T) 57. George Van Den Broek, aka Yellow Days, is an old soul living in a young body. That voice belongs to George van den Broek, better known by his stage moniker Yellow Days. • Solid Gold Sounds (Kendell Marvel) (A) 01. It’s been a transformation for me! 54. "Your Hand Holding Mine" remains true to the short string of demos that first caught everyone's attention on his SoundCloud: the skewed, wonky synth lines (inspired by a community of German and Spanish beat makers he follows on SoundCloud), static telly crackling feedback and van den Broek's earthy croon are all present, stark and refreshingly undiluted. 64. (Artist names appear in parentheses.) Definitely, man. Robert Glasper, Meshell Ndegeocello & Gabriella Wilson, songwriters (Robert Glasper Featuring H.E.R. George van den Broek is on Facebook. Abstract. 53. Best Choral PerformanceAward to the Conductor, and to the Choral Director and/or Chorus Master where applicable and to the Choral Organization/Ensemble.