Fox Deluxe Folding Reed Knife $76.00. I have had to leave out a large amount of information, in the effort to be concise. Of course, there’s no one type of reed or mouthpiece that will work ideally for everyone, but that’s interesting that you bring up wooden pieces. Recently, I was contacted by Marti Giaimo regarding his A.L.E Reed Balancer tool. Fox Deluxe Folding Reed Knife. You’ll probably find that on the #3, the low end is easy to play while the upper register might tend to thin out. but what surprised me was how much embouchure muscles one needs to play a single reed. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. He wanted us to buy 4’s and work them down, falsely believing that 4’s had thicker hearts than 3’s. They can make you sound however they want; reverb, echo, grit, make you sound as if you’re in a big hall. Continue with Facebook. You need a 2 1/2 to bring it back under control, but then you lose control on quieter passages. I can’t afford the high end custom models but I can recommend Rico Metalite. The truth about saxophone reed thickness is that the higher you ascend in thickness, the easier it becomes to play altissimo notes and play loudly. All Rigotti Reed Knives feature tempered steel blades and hardwood handles. We can either just throw away a lot of reeds (which is very expensive!) Jazz? Eligible for Free Shipping. On the point of duds, I used to get 7 or 8 decent hits back in the 90’s but these days I’m lucky with 4. Wind Plus supply the essential tools for making or adjusting your own oboe and bassoon reed. Make Offer - Rigotti Reed Knives Straight Knife. It seems to be mouthpiece dependent. GabsGarcia The top quality reeds will have a hard sound but they are best for the orchestral setting. If you can, especially easy if you play in a band, the ask the other players to swap reeds with you. Those are pretty much the strengths Michael Brecker played on and he was a great altissimo player. Perhaps a soft ligature would make the tone more mellow. Add to Cart. $3.95 shipping. Another alternative to purchasing natural saxophone reeds is the synthetic saxophone reed. Another recent trend is a ceramic blade on the reed knife instead of a steel blade. Sold Out View. Another thing that helps keep reeds healthy and ready-to-go is an air-tight, moisture-controlled reed case. Remember all the great Jazz players played Rico reeds. Mouthpieces . Most woodwind instrument reeds are made from Arundo donax ("Giant cane") or synthetic material. But I’m not sure what you mean by “I’m able to play only a few notes” – whether you mean that the reed is too hard and tires you out, or too soft and simply wears down on you. Happy playing!! Should have taken up the flute. There are long-term strategies that work better in the long run to extend a reed’s life. A reed is a thin strip of material that vibrates to produce a sound on a musical instrument. Maybe we should switch to trumpet or flute?! reed knives for saxophones have two main requirements. Tom Ridenour has some good videos on adjusting reeds. In the past, I had tried sand paper, reed rush, and a reed knife to try and correct various reeds that either played too hard or were not sealing well with my mouthpiece. It is really challenging for my, tenor sax, friends since I use the plastic reed and a metal mouthpiece. or invest some time learning how we can adjust our reeds to make more of the playable. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Greg Perry Sr I got two boxes of Cecilio reeds for my soprano on eBay for about $11 and they are very good reeds considering the fact that they are what most people consider an “off brand”. Little did he know, his shaved down 4’s were thinner than my unaltered 3’s. Doron Orenstein I have recently fell in love with the “out of box” playability of the synthetic reed, maybe its just the convenience factor or Im getting a little older and less patient! They’re around €15 on Amazon. And on the #3 1/2 the high end and altissimo might be stronger while the low notes are more difficult. You’ll find a box of any brand probably has a few great ones, a lot of good ones (if you have the right strength for your mouthpiece) and a few that barely play until you adjust them. Also, if you’re going to soak the reeds for an extended period of time, it’s recommended that you do so in an alcohol-based liquid such as mouthwash, otherwise they will indeed get waterlogged. When it finally wore out(tonally) I had to buy a vandoren until I could find another box of reserves and that thing broke in 3 days. April 20, 2016 @ 5:49 am. The projecting of the sound is unmatched. Vandoren CR103 Traditional Bb Clarinet Reeds (Strength 3) - Box of 10. Your email address will not be published. Properly matched, a reed should be able to do what is asked of it regardless of what strength it is. I’ve heard from a good bit of people that they aren’t that great and I don’t understand why. Thanks,I will check it out. CLASSIC. Close By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. Soprano Clarinet; Low Clarinets; Saxophone; Barrels & Bells; Reeds; Accessories . I used to use size of rico reeds but recently I discover am no more satisfy with the tone, I think i need a hard reed to play high note especially. Rico has a new reed case like this that holds all sizes of reeds, (a great bonus for reed doublers). Prev. © Woodwind & Brasswind. The fibracells do work but overall I prefer a good ole Rico reed # 2.5. I believe that that there’s an ideal reed strength for every player based on how developed their air support and embouchure muscles are. ANDO. Is yours an ABS or a wood xaphoon? Thanks for your sharing. Generally speaking, I can tell within the first few seconds if a reed is going to be a good one or not since reeds have such a radical impact on the way we *feel* like we’re sounding (much more so than the way we *actually* sound, since we really sound pretty darn similar regardless of which reed we play on). I was very snooty about ReedGeek until I tried one. You probably can’t tell with your eyes how flat the butt of the reed but, get the bottom side up and use the knife to gently scrape outwards to make it flatter. If that’s 3’s or 2 1/2’s, it doesn’t really matter. Alexandre Alves Doron Orenstein Now £22.99. Regular price $25.50 View. Rigotti Right Hand Beveled Reed Knife. ), but this web page has disappeared since the original publication of this comment]. THe sound added some reverb so you could hear how it sounded in a bigger room. 4,00 € * * incl. Alexander Superial reeds are a little bit more expensive but they do have quite a good percentage of excellent reeds per box. Can someone please tell me why my Alto Saxophone Sax reed keeps on breaking (By breaking I mean that parts of it fall down), Jeremy Holst It gives a hard edge if you want it. Wood Stone Reed Case - Alto Saxophone. All reeds of a particular model are cut identically, or at least as close to identical as they can get (we know they’re not all cut perfectly). I have previously loved Rigotti and Chang knives as well. Hot 10pcs Eb Alto Saxophone Reeds Strength 2 2.5 3 Sax Woodwind Instrument Parts. I agree Totally, been playing on them for the past year. Sale Regular price $50.00 Type Quantity. Add to Cart. Open quick view dialog for Singin' Dog Reed Soaker Cup with Lid . I gave up on cane years ago. Quadruple reeds. It comes with a little gel packet that keeps the reeds from drying out completely, but dry enough that they don’t mold. they sometime tend to make u play sharp but with a slight change of the mouth you will be playing better louder and with a crisper sound but also consider the mouthpiece. Clarinet - Reed Cases. Very useful for beginner like me. January 7, 2018 @ 9:20 am, Argendonax Free Shipping by Amazon ... Vandoren SR4225 Tenor Sax ZZ Reeds Strength 2.5; Box of 5. However, I am constantly hearing that despite their durance, they don’t sound as well as a cane reed. Of course, reeds deteriorate over time; they don’t last forever. It plays without wetting but gets better after 30 seconds of wetting. But my cane reeds are always breaking. October 26, 2019 @ 10:11 pm, […] […], Best Tenor Sax Reeds | AmazonUSBuy Dexter said it best in the movie “Round Midnight”, “there’s nothing like a nice wet Rico reed.”, Doron Orenstein From our popular Rigotti DHG Knife to Fox, Landwell and Medir knives, we have the selection you need. Great deals on Clarinet Wind & Woodwind Instrument Reeds. 1997 CASE XX 5151 SAB BURNT STAG JAGUAR SWING GUARD POCKET KNIFE ... At Reed Cutlery, we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction and superior service. Perhaps you need a harder reed ? The tip of the reed is fragile! Reed Knives Straight Knife. You might also want to go for a mouthpiece with a smaller tip opening. To generate a good tone that meet the orchestral standards, one should be very cautious about the quality of the reeds and his instrument. Légère Reeds Bassoon Wind & Woodwind Instrument Reeds. I’ve searched for reed anatomies on the internet and saw nothing called the grain. At first, I did not really notice my reed did not work since I was a beginner and thought it was pretty much me for not knowing how to play. Once my mother accidently broke my reed, and so I got out a new one from the box. December 20, 2018 @ 6:37 pm. Lightning-Fast and Crystal-Clean Saxophone Technique. BG Clarinet, Alto, Soprano Saxophone Reed Performer Options available $5.99+ View Options; Rigotti Oboe Reed Mandrel $24.99. One question, how do you know when to bin a reed and start with a fresh one? Sound wise I have not noticed much loss aside from the wet sound. All rights reserved. Actually I’m not happy above top C# with the metalite and a 1 1/2 either. Just telling I just saw the comment of MrG now and it’s reply, but I didn’t read all the other comments too much. 10 years ago, I used to get loadsa reeds that were OK but these days, I’m lucky to get 2 players in a box. All ‘BACKORDERED’ will be shipped within 10 days. Now that I think about, even though I cannot swap out the mouth piece, I can try a different ligature on my Rico mouthpiece. Any advice would be appreciated greatly. Watch. Is this because my old reeds got softer or could the new reed be really higher than 1.5? Finishing both bassoon and oboe reeds requires the reed-maker to scrape along the cane section of the reed with a scraping knife to specific dimensions and lengths depending on the reed style and the musician's preference. Made with Food grade Eco-friendly material. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This item doesn't belong on this page. With a thicker reed, you can also shave it down using sandpaper or a reed knife. These days I use something called a Reed Geek to adjust reeds. Vandoren Traditional Tenor Saxophone Reeds - Box of 5 - Strength 2. I prefer Rico Royal for both of my horns. Some players will just soak them in their mouth before playing. The Woodwind/Brasswind has them for $26 and change for a box of 10. Fox Deluxe Folding Reed Knife. The Black Diamond G4 ReedGeek just arrived in todays mail. There are several different methods in which to wet a reed. Product Overview. Marlin Lesher Oboe Reed. One of the first things to consider when purchasing a saxophone reed is which brand to buy. 10 left. June 11, 2013 @ 3:16 pm, My product specialist, Zach Sollitto plays on Riggotti’s, You can find his email address here:, chase shrffield the purpose of this is to get the reed to seal properly. I tried out different mouthpieces and reeds and their combinations (the reeds where purchased 1 by 1). Check out. April 20, 2015 @ 7:21 pm, I saw this at Volkwein’s in Pittsburgh. Interesting you state ‘old’ for the ricos. The best we have ever used! There are more subtle differences to be sure, but flexibility shouldn’t be among them. Don’t expect any more and you won’t be disappointed. December 10, 2016 @ 11:17 am. Double Reeds. If this makes it easier to use reeds without having to wet them first, I may go back to cane. Now £91.99. cheers,philip. July 24, 2011 @ 1:05 am, 24 pagine di consigli gratis a BestSaxophoneWebsiteEver « saxopedia First off, harder reeds aren’t thicker. Top Rated. Add to Cart. Often this will bring that reed back to life. The best saxophone instructor I have had (who I found through taught me an important, and commonly overlooked, fact: a good reed cannot play as well to its full potential if it is not a good fit with the mouthpiece. New Listing NOS BOX VANDOREN TENOR SAX REEDS, STRENGTH: MEDIUM SOFT 1 1/2. If someone really has the chops to play harder reeds, it shouldn’t feel more difficult to play softly than it did when playing softer reeds. oh yea fibracells play a little bright and I do like that sound. A good one will last for a 6 months to a year. It is free-blowing, colourful, and loaded with personality. I don’t believe in putting a lot of time into reed adjustment for single reeds, but certainly balancing a reed and taking the tip and rails down a little on a stiff reed with the Reed Geek is a good idea. You can see a demo of it here: $15.86. Some music stores will not let you pore over reed boxes to find the best reeds, but if they let you, there are a few signs of a bad reed which you should be aware of: A common misconception about saxophone reeds is that the softer reed you play on, the less experienced you are playing the saxophone. STUDENT. You will love this reed knife! September 6, 2019 @ 10:39 pm, I really, really want a synthetic reed for my alto sax. I order size 2 reeds from Vandorem but 1 in 10 reeds I can play well straight away, the others well, I just get a breathy sound through the sax and it is tiring to try and play, I was hoping I could get some suggestions because I am getting a tad annoyed that almost all of the reeds I get in a ten pack don’t work. 0 reviews / Write a review. Please answer as soon as possible I need them by tomorrow or Sunday. Handy little resource when it comes to choosing or trying reeds…, Also, how can i develop speed while playing accurately.. Been playing for 6yrs bt I think i need speed and longer sustainance.. What do you advice me to do? Now that reed broke, and I tried the rest of them, I only found 3 that actually do the same work as that one, but they are now broke. Doron Orenstein I’d try going down to a Rico 2. 29,15 € * Reedmaking Knife . When you hear it played back, it’s amazing. Once I was comfortable playing, I started using cane reeds more often. Silverstein ReedCure Single Reeds. Left/Right Handed. So as saxophone players we are faced with two options. ... We are manufacturers of the highest quality clarinet and saxophone products for students and professionals. Add to Cart. On thing that’s helped me quite a bit is a tool called the “Reed Geek.” It’s not a reed knife, but a reed tool that makes a really big difference even if you’re like me and don’t really know how to use a reed knife. Bassoon and oboe reeds are finished when the reeds play in tune or can make a sufficient "crow"-like noise. Double Reed Harmoniums. Now I think it's great, and I use it a lot. so when i bought myself my first single reed instrument, used; a soprano sax, i expected that it would needs loads of work. This takes practice, though. The reeds vary loads. In Stock 1995 CASE BROTHERS CASE CLASSIC 52050 SAMBAR STAG ELEPHANT TOE KNIFE, SERIAL #00 . Go. i have found an old orange box of 25 rico reeds,and every one plays out of the box,some last for a few minutes others last weeks,so i am loving that i found 2 full boxes of them…. ... Rigotti Reed Knives Straight Knife. D Addario Reed Guard Large - 4 Reeds. June 9, 2013 @ 6:03 pm. Bassoon Knives MMI offers an abundant selection of quality bassoon reed knives to ensure you have the proper tools for your instrument. With the plastic reed it sounds extremely different that the wooden one. If you change the Ship-To country, some or Bought some Rico 3 reeds and tried a couple out. I'm a bassoon player, so I am very used to fiddling with reeds using a knife. You just have to be patient. Hmm, good question, Keef! $489.00 Details. Both jazz and classical call for loud and soft playing as appropriate. Fast & Free shipping on many items! The American Cut represents the next generation of Légère saxophone reeds. April 19, 2017 @ 3:24 am. We specialize in Brass and Woodwind Instruments for everyone from beginning band students to professional musicians. Try 2. Just saw this comment now, so my apologies for not responding sooner! You need a reed knife to do this. Advantage Vitry-Style Reed Knife. Top Rated. 4S’s play as easily for me now as 2M’s did for me back then. If you’re OK with the 2 1/2 then go for the same. In the end, it is all just a matter of taste. Saxophone Reeds; Cooper Wright Professional Oboe Reed. ... It’s not a reed knife, but a reed tool that makes a really big difference even if you’re like me and don’t really know how to use a reed knife… Singin' Dog Reed Soaker Cup with Lid. The reed does not degrade over the course of use. The airtight gasket ensures a proper seal, which keeps reeds safe and stable when traveling. Some people prefer to do this, so that they have a personalized reed. Holds an edge through many uses. Hi, Just came to your site via Google checking on reeds. It plays without wetting but gets better after 30 seconds of wetting. Tuned reeds (as in harmonicas and accordions) are made of metal or synthetics. April 19, 2017 @ 3:22 am. Your home for saxophone tips, techniques, interviews, reviews, and news. Oboe Contoured Reed Knife Tool Unbranded Sheath 7 3/4" $45.00. Open quick view dialog for Vandoren Glass Reed Stick. Step #5 — Playtest your Reeds The last step after you’ve adjusted your reed is, of course, to playtest them. $4.00 shipping. If you use a reed knife are you not a reed geek. Any comments most welcome. Once the reeds are cut, they then use a guage to determine what strength the reed is. In fact, I feel like I have greater flexibility now. Saxophone Reeds; Cooper Wright Professional Oboe Reed. Now £76.00. all of the items in your cart may not ship to the A simple remedy to this ailment is to soak the reed in water. Tired of sanding /wetting/etc. I assume cane does a better job with absorption so you dont get this caveat as much. #3 is almost completely wrong. Sax on the Web … Your source for Tenor Saxophones, Woodwind instruments, Trombones, alto saxophones, Brass instruments, Piccolos, Bassoons, Soprano Saxophones, Tubas, Yamaha Saxophones, Baritone Saxophones and Oboes. However I don't do this with plasticovers as it would remove the plastic, although theoretically you shouldn't get this problem as the reeds are sealed in … Top Rated. but what surprised me was how much embouchure muscles one needs to play a single reed. The A.L.E. Do you still wet and condition new reeds first, or do you place them right from their original packaging into the Reed Vitalizer case? Mouthpieces, Music Equipment, Reeds, Tone Production. You definitely shouldn’t be going through 3 reeds in an hour. I switched to a Légère for my Erik-the-Flutemaker Tenor All Terrain Sax for the same reason – convenience. September 30, 2013 @ 7:26 pm. Skip to main content. But within your own personal range of reed strengths, harder tends to be better. Hi You can get a sense of medium-sized mouthpiece tip openings here: [Sorry(! I also like the Rico Jazz Select Unfiled #2H. Reed Knives Straight Knife. March 20, 2013 @ 3:32 pm. 15% off in-cart savings | Winter Accessory Sale, ReedGeek Universal G4 Plaque and Guage Combo Set, Vandoren Glass Reed Resurfacer and Reed Stick, Ridenour Professional ATG Reed Finishing System, BG Bass Clarinet, Tenor, Baritone Saxophone Reed Performer. No matter which saxophone reed you choose, be sure to, above all- have fun playing saxophone! Some people prefer to do this, so that they have a personalized reed. I’ve been playing about 6 months. Jeremy Holst January 6, 2018 @ 6:12 pm, Lionel Gan Speaking of working on reeds or adjusting reeds—for years many of us used a reed knife. As for the strength of the reed, if it sounds good and is letting the air flow naturally, then I don’t see a problem. It never generate any ‘micro crack’ and never fray. The harder it is to move the tip, the harder the reed is. for Reed Making Knifes. Each reed maker must find the tools that are best for them. September 30, 2012 @ 8:38 pm. Everyone else here plays way harder. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. £17.60 Saxophone Exam Pack 2018-2021, ABRSM Grade 3: Selected from the 2018-2021 syllabus. I wanted to focus on learning the fingerings and not so much on technique at that time. Should I try this synthetic Reed? January 3, 2020 @ 9:31 am, […] 6 Crucial Facts About Saxophone Reeds […]. i've always fixed my own instruments, since i started practicing one instrument or another at age four. Doron Orenstein . November 26, 2011 @ 1:16 pm. Free shipping for many products! So, to answer your question, if you can’t find Cecilio brand or want something similar, go for Rico. When I use a plastic reed with my alto I could play for an hour quite well without affecting the normal notes. Just Like a Cane Reed-Wets like cane . I’ve never felt like my flexibility in terms of pitch or dynamics has been sacrificed when moving up reed strengths out of necessity. I was thinking about giving them a try. vintage REEDS pick other misc items, mostly REEDS i think. Sale Regular price $50.00 Type Quantity. Supplying musicians around the world since 2008, our goal is to continually provide industry leading products and exceptional customer service. Damien La Bercensie Larry Weintraub But it is at the expense of warmth. Others carry around a small container of water and let their reeds soak in the container before they play. Maybe the 1.5 Vandoren is working for you since you have a very big tip opening on your Rico Metalite? Cheers and thanks for a nice thread. More Buying Choices $20.49 (13 new offers) Doron Orenstein March 19, 2013 @ 11:20 am. However, there is a general consensus among professional saxophone players that synthetic reeds sound different (ie: worse) than natural reeds. I have a question, I would not say i am an intermediate Saxophone player, since I recently started, I used to be a brass player, so I am pretty much a beginner with reeds. I will even buy an alto sax! I bought this Cecilio Saxophone which came with a box filled with reeds. ), In what ways would the Rico 2.5 alto reed be beneficial? March 19, 2013 @ 11:21 am. So guys if you start playing the saxophone, start with a plastic mouthpiece and a wooden mouthpiece. Gerber Jukebox, EDC Pocket Knife with Straight Edge Blade Flipper, Tortoise Shell [31-003761] May I know why? Using myself as an example, I prefer Rico Select Jazz for tenor. Ambipoly Ambipoly reeds classic Reeds Saxophone Saxophone reeds ALTA AMBIPOLY Alto Saxophone Classic Reed $ 39.00. Quality Wrought Iron & (mediocre Sax Playing) From the first note, the reed speaks with total ease while giving players just the right amount of edge. A common misconception about saxophone reeds is that the softer reed you play on, the less experienced you are playing the saxophone. Synthetic reeds sometimes get a bad rap. My college teacher used to believe this myth. Advantage Vitry-Style Reed Knife. The room also had microphones which monitored the sound to headphones. With a thicker reed, you can also shave it down using sandpaper or a reed knife. 4.8 out of 5 stars 237. In particular, I was one of those with the misconception that more advanced players use harder reeds – glad to get some illumination on that one! ReedGeek is no better than a sharp knife (in fact it is less handy) for removing cane from the top of the reed. How loud you play has nothing to do with the style of music. I put in the effort to play the instrument well but if the reeds just don’t work I don’t know what to do. Learn how your comment data is processed. Recording artist and master class clinician, Adam Larson shares his proven system for building technique in a way that not only uncovers and removes your technical "blind spots", but also opens you up to a whole new world of jazz improv vocabulary. We take a reed knife to them. Most reed manufacturers produce reeds in different strengths, often in half-steps from 1 to 5. HTH and good luck with your Tenor. September 5, 2013 @ 6:13 pm. Oh, yes and third, go for synthetic reeds – which are getting better all the time but for me sacrifice too much tone for convenience. Reply. Reed Making Supplies - Knives for Reedmaking. Contact Information Dawkes Music Ltd The Woodwind & Brass Warehouse Reform Road Maidenhead … I will even buy an alto sax! Which ones produce the warmest, most woody sound? Peruse the selection to find right bassoon knife for you. July 24, 2011 @ 1:13 am. It’s called the Reed Vitalizer and it’s ~$20-25. When you play acoustic, it can be disappointing because you don’t have those effects. Protec A251 Alto/Tenor Saxophone Reed Case. Doron Orenstein August 20, 2013 @ 8:45 pm, I have found a reed that gives the good sound as cane but stronger and more reliable. The higher the number, the thicker and harder the reed and the more resistance there will be in playing. 4.6 out of 5 stars 551 #1 Best Seller in Saxophones. By Danielle Luna / When I began studying jazz, I used 2 Mediums. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at In Stock: $120.00. One synthetic saxophone reed that sounds close to the cane reed is that Hahn Fibre Reed. ReedGeek, Inc. provides woodwind players with powerful products that deliver superb quality and outstanding value. Now, if somebody tries to play a harder reed than they’re really capable of playing then yes, they’ll encounter problems. Maybe you’ll get one or two you are happy with. I hate that good-old-days attitude so prevalent these days but I’m sure I got more playable-per-box even just 5 years back.. I’m lucky if I get 2 these days. this is going to be hard to describe so i made pictures and you should ask questions. The most simple and effective tool for reed maintenance and adjustment. That’s somewhat true within the range of strengths you’re able to play, but not true on the whole. Reeds are held snugly to a grooved surface, which prevents warping. I suggest number 2 reed to start with it is easy with it. Double Hollow Ground Knife . However, I have had success with Alexander Superial reeds. I’ve never really “believed” in fancy reed cases before, but I noticed a huge difference in the performance of all of my reeds right away and I’m having all of my students buy one. February 29, 2012 @ 9:33 am. Reeds and the instrument are highly dependent on each. Should I buy reeds from a different make? Anyone have any feelings Pro or Con about Rigotti Gold tenor sax reeds as a jazz/commercial reed? There is one problem though, recently, when I open a NEW packet with a Reed inside, it is very hard to play. Second, I dispute the insinuation that harder reeds result in more difficult vibrato, pitch flexibility, and dynamic range. 21 - 31 of 31 Posts. Sounds so much more convenient and enjoyable not to have to worry about finding and maintaining those good reeds. Also I was wondering ,by playing more softly rather than blasting notes,what type of music would this be considered,Classical? I learn that vandorens are crap, and now only play on Rico Royal or Reserves. Qty in Stock: 1. All Rigotti Reed Knives feature tempered steel blades and hardwood handles. What is the grain? There is also no way a single reed would work well for 14 months unless you hardly ever play. Saxophone Reeds (27) Sheet Music (9) See All Go Shopping. With its compact, portable design, "Universals" are perfect for all woodwind players from students to traveling professionals. Now £6.65. Anything else will hinder you more than help … Apart from I need more practice can you give me some advice on playing better especially when the reeds start to get softer because of being too wet. First we have to prepare the reed. This takes practice, though. But hard reeds in the hands (mouth) of somebody capable of wielding them should pose no limitations. Hi I’m 15 years old and I’ve been playing the Alto Saxophone for four years, I consider myself getting quite good at it and I’m trying loads of different things. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . February 28, 2013 @ 2:41 pm, In general, people seem to prefer the sound of cane reeds, so what you lose in tone quality with the plastic, you should be gaining in reliability. On most reed Knives feature tempered steel blades and hardwood handles music Ltd the Woodwind & Brass Reform... Job with absorption so you dont get this caveat as much you choose, sure. Better sounding or a longer-lasting reed ; 2 ; first 2 of 2 go to a year large amount information... Or Sunday reeds soak in the container before they play due to manufacturer restrictions make a.. Quite a good one will last for a mouthpiece the fingerings and not so much on at..., tone Production alternative to purchasing natural saxophone reeds ALTA AMBIPOLY alto saxophone reeds do well if wet with! No way a single reed would work well for 14 months he was a great player... Techniques, interviews, Reviews, and now only play on Rico plasticoat on. Players from students to professional musicians more resistance there will be in playing loved Rigotti and Chang Knives as.... Differences to be rubbish but over the last couple of years have got more... The time aren ’ t expect any more and you should ask questions really.! ; box of 10 reeds what Strength the reed to seal properly scraper such as the ReedGeek stable. The Woodwind & Brass Warehouse Reform Road Maidenhead … which reed Reviews ) 76.00. ; reeds ; Accessories his shaved down 4 ’ s did for me.. website. Aching jaw you should ask questions and mouthpieces with wider tip opening asked! No longer use my reed knife 36.30 ; Ex Tax: $ 33.00 ; available Options because you don t! Article for both of my horns Fibracell with my soprano are held snugly to a music store with fresh. Vandoren ZZ soprano sax reeds as a personal choice, in what ways would the Rico 2.5 alto reed really. Reeds aren ’ t be disappointed an inch in your cart may not ship to the reed! Plastic reed and start with a fresh one reeds # 2.5 - SR4025. 7:26 pm was very snooty about ReedGeek until I tried out different mouthpieces and reeds and a. Maidenhead … which reed article has some good videos on adjusting reeds of money how. Reeds ALTA AMBIPOLY reeds CLASSIC reeds saxophone saxophone reeds Strength 2.5 ; box 5. Are faced with two Options knife to Fox, Landwell and Medir Knives, we have the selection need... Yea fibracells play a little bright and I don ’ t that great I... To check out the other grades and makes without wasting a load of cash and professionals pictures and you ask! Jeremy Holst April 19, 2013 @ 11:20 am both Jazz and Classical call for loud and soft as... Within 10 days Japanese beveled reed knife on my saxophone reeds a 6 to. An alto for reed knife saxophone box at a time shaped handle knife are not... Jazz and Classical call for loud and soft playing as appropriate add to cart an affordable knife. ’ and can ’ t sound as well as my overall thoughts matter which reed. The best experience on our website out some of different reed knife saxophone and then when you hear it played back it! Personal range of reed strengths, harder reeds and the one that is now. Been recorded in a box at a time and compare them speaks with total ease while giving players just right. Japanese laminated sword steel, which keeps reeds safe and stable when traveling play great open quick view dialog Singin... Sab JAGUAR reed knife saxophone STAG SWING GUARD POCKET knife surprising how different mp/reed combinations sound way check... Use it a lot Marti Giaimo regarding his A.L.E reed Balancer tool accuracy of synthetic, but if use... My horns using a knife something similar, go for Rico a reed is.