Liking a local animal hospital does not equal my wanting to see abused dogs, and liking a post about a sweet wedding does not not equal my wanting to … 1.1 Vocabulary: Likes and Dislikes in English. sentence1: My liking for music is not shared by my family. like definition: 1. to enjoy or approve of something or someone: 2. to show that you think something is good on a…. Feeling happy for others 1.1.1 #1 Key verbs to Talk about Likes and Dislikes; 1.1.2 #2 Action Verbs to Talk about Likes and Dislikes; 1.2 Grammar to Talk about Likes and Dislikes. I walk to my school every day. You'd think a sentence like that would have a pretty clear meaning, wouldn't you? Besides, I am always careful to learn similar issues, that is, likes and dislikes associated with people around me. I love you like every action I take. In English texts and everyday communication, the word “like” serves a variety of purposes.It can act as an adjective, a preposition, an adverb, a conjunction, a noun, or a verb.. Adj ective; This word is classified under adjectives if it is used to modify a noun or a pronoun by indicating similarities in qualities or characteristics. I love you like Mickey loves Minnie. Essay on My Likes and Dislikes. Have recently been promoted from the Primary to class VI and now am in the Middle school. Find sentence examples at Your Dictionary. But before I go on to suggest what I … My first priority in my liking is cleanliness, which I consider next only to God. My life has been quite peaceful because of the ability to understand situations, factors and things that I like and dislike. 1 Likes and Dislikes in English. Our likes and dislikes, however, give us an insight into our inner self. sentence2: My like for music is not shared by my family. Unless it doesn't. I like it when people have the right … Learn more. Accepting this as a part of the human experience eased the mental pain of this particular change, even though it wasn’t one that was to my liking. "Like" is by far the most pervasive (in my vocabulary, at least) as a filler word. I love you like Romeo loves Juliet. If that whole 3 word sentence is a little complex, then surely the single word "like" must convey something pretty simple and obvious. My school has a very big playground; I play with my friends in it; Why I Like My School : (Short Essay) My school is the most enjoyable place for me. 2. I like the prayer assembly in my school. My school is located very near to my home. They are the sum and substance of our character, temperament and disposition. For example, in the sentence below: "I like this!" When I’m thinking out loud, I’ll punctuate my sentences with “likes.” The very sight of dust, dirt and cobwebs makes me feel sick. Article shared by. Seeing a specific word used in a sentence can provide more context and help you better understand proper usage. Table of Contents. Like all others, I too have a few likes and dislikes. I love all my teachers. I love you like the Lemon Meringue Pie which my mother bakes, that reminds me of the sweet memory of my childhood. Actually, I have two questions to ask, Number one: does sentence1 sound natural to native speakers? I love you like my iPhone, and I wish I can hold you in my hands, every minute of the day. Because I know this sentence must be grammatically correct, I want to know if this sentence sounds idiomatic if I say it in a conversation. I am quite excited to be in the new grade. Our school pupil leader conducts the assembly every day.