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Reservation requests can be made by e-mail or by phone, no later than the day before departure. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide the correct information for their trip, for example: phone number, address of departure and arrival, the number of passengers, number of pieces of luggage by size (S/M/L), as well as the need for a booster or child seat. Day excursions are for a minimum of 4 people, otherwise Experience Reunion reserves the right to cancel the trip.


Rates include transport with the vehicle and a driver/guide, petrol, as well as professional third party liability insurance. A 30% deposit is required for the reservation. The balance is to be paid the day of the trip. Payment can be made by cheque or cash. Rates do not include meals or personal expenses.


Each passenger is allowed one large piece of luggage that will be stored in the trunk. In addition each passenger may keep one piece of hand luggage in the car. All of the luggage in the vehicle is insured for a combined value of €1000.


Our vehicle is a Nissan Primastar van which can transport up to 8 people plus luggage. Customers book the number of seats that they require in the vehicle. There is also the possibility of booking the whole vehicle for private hire – please enquire regarding rates.

Customers are required to read and sign our terms and conditions prior to departure.

Experience Reunion reserves the right to change the itinerary if necessary to ensure a successful and pleasurable trip. Any changes requested or caused by the customer during the trip may incur additional fees.

Customers must respect agreed arrival and departure times and places. Otherwise, Experience Reunion reserves the right to continue the trip to avoid impacting the rest of the group. Late customers will have to rejoin the group at their own expenses. No refunds will be given by Experience Reunion. The customer must be reachable by email or phone, from the day prior to departure.


Any changes or booking cancellations asked by the customer must be made by email or phone, at the latest the day before departure. If the customer had made a deposit, it won’t be refunded.

The customer must be told about any changes or booking cancellations asked by Experience Reunion no later than the day before departure. In case of circumstances beyond our control (Extreme weather conditions, accident before depature, …), the cancellation can occur at the latest 2 hours before departure. If the customer had made a deposit, it will be refunded.


The times of the service are purely indicative. Experience Reunion can’t be held responsible for any transport delay or due to any circumstances beyond their controle : bad road conditions, road closed, rock fall, bridge closed to trafic, diversion, flooded road, traffic jam, police, customs or emergency crew road interventions, strike, changing weather conditions,… (but not limited to).


1) Smoking is not allowed inside the vehicle.

2) Seat belts must be worn, both front and rear, otherwise you can get a 4th class fine (€750 maximum).

3) Any damages of the vehicle interior or the vehicle itself will be at the customer’s expense.

For example :

  • At the uncontrolled door opening
  • Any damages will be charged (cost of the total repairs) and the customer will have to pay it.

4) Any incivility which can hurt the security and dignity of the driver will be subject to a fine.

5) The customer is responsible for his own health. Thanks for telling the driver about any fragilities or motion sickness.


During the time off the vehicle: on outside sites, restaurants,… the customer is responsible for his own safety. Suitable clothing is required (walking shoes, pullover, raincoat, hat, sunglasses) because ground can be uneven and dangerous: durt tracks, roots, old lava tunnels, gravels, dirt,… Also, rain, sun and cold can appear really quickly, according to where we are on the island.

Extrem care is recommended during the day trip, to avoid any incident which could disrupt the program for the customer himself as well as for the rest of the group. Experience Reunion reserves the right to exclude at any time a personn whose behaviour is likely to be dangerous for the security or for the well-being of the others.


Passengers are covered for physical and non-physical injuries, or material and consequential damages caused by a car accident, unless the accident is caused by a passenger himself.

Experience Reunion can’t be held responsible for any accident on the street, once passengers left the vehicle or on the outside sites.

Here are the phone numbers of people to contact in case of an emergency:

  • Fire department : 18
  • SAMU : 15